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We're Pat & Mahlia, a husband & wife Wedding, Engagement, Anniversary Photography & Videography team. We're based outside Nashville TN but we absolutely love to travel! We have captured weddings throughout Tennessee as well as in Montana, Florida, & Oregon! We are blessed to be a part of our couples' lives and have fun with them during their wedding adventures!

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April 27, 2018


Welcome to another installment of Feature Friday, in which we share with you some of our favorite Movies & TV shows! When we first were dating one of the things we bonded over was chatting about some of our favorite shows. We’ve found that is the same for a lot of our couples too! So, every now and then, we will showcase a different movie or show and share some of the reasons why we recommend it and the things that we really like about it. So be sure to tune in, check out some of our favorites, and maybe even turn it into a date night with your fiance! Make dinner or order in and tune in to watch one of our favorites.

This week: Ant-Man

Yo, so there’s this movie, right? And this guy, he’s all like gettin’ out of prison for some white-collar crime he committed, and he gets picked up by his friend who’s got this mad opportunity for a job, but he’s gonna go straight ’cause he’s got a kid he’s trying to do right by. But, man, Baskin-Robbins ALWAYS knows, and soon our boy Scott, he’s like “So what’s the job?” and I’m like “It’s super-easy, we just gotta break into this like old dude’s house and crack his safe” and Scott’s all “That IS super-easy” but the thing in the safe is this crazy suit, right? And the suit makes Scott all super-tiny and he can talk to bugs but there’s this other dude who’s also got a tiny bug suit, but he’s got like daddy issues or somethin’ ’cause he’s just making the bug suit ’cause the old dude from the house didn’t wanna let him make a bug suit and they have this fight on a cartoon train in the little girl’s room and then one of the ants gets like mad big and the flying dude from the Avengers is like “Whoa! That guy’s got mad skills and should help us fight Iron Man in the next movie!”

Okay, I’m not doing it justice, but we would totally be onboard for an entire Marvel movie told from Luis’ vantage point. We get a handful of scenes throughout Ant-Man where Luis gives us some needed exposition in his own rambling, probably inaccurate way, and they’re the best part of the whole thing.

Ant-Man feels a little like an anomaly in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There’s no extinction-level event happening, no all-powerful supervillain ready to wreak havoc, just a family comedy-drama about a guy trying to take care of his daughter while at the same time trying to prevent an evil businessman from using good-guy technology to arm the bad guys. It’s funny without being jokey (though there ARE a lot of jokes) and the family drama lands, thanks to the addition of Judy Greer as Scott’s ex-wife. Judy Greer makes everything better.

Wedding party walking through

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