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How to Help your Fiance Plan your Wedding

June 27, 2018


We all know that planning a wedding can be incredibly stressful. We also know that the majority of this planning is usually shouldered by the bride. Now, a lot of that may just come with the territory, but there are plenty of tasks that grooms can do to help carry the load. You don’t want to be the guy who sits back while his fiancé does all the work then is shocked when she breaks down from stress. Here are a few things that are easy to handle, and will have a huge impact on decreasing your partner’s stress levels.

Booking The Honeymoon

The last thing a bride wants to do after spending all day/week/month/year planning her wedding day, is to have to think about planning the day after. Honeymoon booking is a classic task for grooms to take care of. Of course in most cases you’ll want your fiancé’s input on location, but as far as things like travel arrangements, hotel bookings, itinerary, and even packing is concerned, you can handle it all while your partner is focused on the big day. Plus with helpful apps like Viator and TripIt, planning can be a breeze!

Romantic and cute engagement pictures in Belize

Renting The Tuxedos

This should be a no-brainer. But once your colors and tones have been decided, this is a simple task for the groom-to-be to organize. Especially with outlets like The Black Tux making it easy to rent tuxedos and suits for your wedding online! Don’t waste time arranging group trips with your groomsmen to the same old chain stores, getting the same old styles. Renting online is simple, straightforward, and a great fit is guaranteed.

Finding A DJ

By the time you’re ready to get married, you should pretty much have a handle on your partner’s musical tastes. I’m sure they’ll want to contribute to ideas for your first dance, father/daughter selection, etc., but the bulk of this task can be yours to bear. The secret to getting the best DJ is finding one that views their job as an art, and isn’t just going to press play on a spotify mix and call it a night. If you’re looking to find a way to include your guests in the playlist, ask for song suggestions on the RSVP’s you send out! This allows your guests to contribute their favorite songs and enhance their experience!

The Company Band from Kentucky entertains guests at wedding reception Bride and groom singing and dancing with their friends

Hire The Bartender

Liven up your guests experience at your reception with cocktails that are fun and creative! Rather than sticking with the traditional wine and beer selection, collaborate with your bride-to-be on some of your favorite drinks! Keep the energy of your reception alive with a bartender that is fast, well trained and open to accommodating guests needs. Shake up the menu (unless you prefer your drink stirred!) with a signature cocktail for your wedding! As you both meet with potential bartenders, express your likes and dislikes and together you can create a signature beverage menu for your wedding guests to enjoy!

Nashville Wedding; Music City Event Center; Styled Photoshoot


How are you getting from the ceremony to the reception? From the reception to the hotel? If you drove your car to the ceremony and you’re leaving in a limo, how are you going to get your car? If the bridal party rides in the limo with you, who is going to get their cars? Logistical questions like this can be overwhelming and no bride wants to deal with them. Do your partner a favor and figure these things out before she has a chance to think about them. Ask your family and friends for volunteers to move cars if necessary. Print up maps and/or directions so everyone knows how to get from point A to point B. Hire a top rated limo service so you can be guaranteed a smooth ride into married life.

Spring Wedding at The Grove at Williamson Place in Murfreesboro, TN

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to be a source of support for your partner. What tasks would you want to take on? Let us know in the comments.

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