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business mentoring

Do you only mentor photographers? I have ACTUALLY found that Photographers only make up a small percentage of the businesses that I work with! I've helped small businesses from venues, bloggers, event planners, direct sales & countless other creatives.

Do I need to be local to Nashville? No way! That's the beauty of the internet! We can pour our coffee, wear yoga pants & have a digital mentor session! Of course, you're always welcome to visit me in person too - if you just want an excuse to come to nashville!

Hey, I'm local though! Coolio! Come on into our murfreesboro, tn studio (you can still wear your yoga pants)! I'll make you some coffee, feed you some chocolates & we'll work through how to light a fire under your business!

Are you rocking your business in some ways & feeling totally stuck or just straight up lost in others? together we'll get your business to the next level so you can stress less while actually working how & when you want!

i'm passionate about mentoring small business owners on how to gain more clients, the art of branding and creating cohesive systems in your business.

Yes, I'm happy to chat with you about camera settings but where I really thrive is with helping other small business owners within their marketing, organization, understanding their ideal clients, social media management, branding awareness, personal networking, website development, managing workflows & systems, emails, inquiries, blogging, & styled photoshoots.

Do those things resonate with you? Do you feel like you are floating in a sea of crazy business shenanigans that you are slowly being pulled under by?  You are not alone & that is not a fun feeling! Together we can create an easily implementable plan that not only will NOT cost you $10.000 but will be easily implementable & impact your small business in a way that is a manageable & realistic.

I've spent a ton of time, energy & money investing in my own business and have honed that information to share with you during our mentoring sessions!

A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.

- Oprah Winfrey

mentorship offerings

One time Mentorship
2 hours - $325
6 hours - $825

Monthly mentoring
1 hour, each month

quarterly mentoring
1.5 hours, 4 times a year

Everyone is at a different spot in their business so I offer different business mentorships based on the amount of time we get to spend together.

"I was merging my side hustle of photography into a full time career & Mahlia allowed me to shadow under her and come for monthly meetings at her studio to learn more about the business side of photography. One of the key points she stressed to me was the importance of branding. I have been working hard all year to rebrand my business model & name. I will be launching a new website next year! We also discussed camera settings like back button focus & exploring off camera flash. I really owe Mahlia so much. Thanks for being such a patient, kind, and fun teacher to work with!

- Dolly DeLong Photography
nashville, tn

I need help with my photography before diving into my business -- helllpp!

I offer 6 of these mentorships a year. This is a full 8 hour day, just you & me, of photography & business mentoring. Including a custom stylized photoshoot where I will answer your questions & teach you how to photograph for publication. You'll even get a mini personal branding session to get you started with fresh headshots & behind the scenes content.

As I mentioned, I only offer 6 of these a year and only during certain months. Email me now to see what may still available for this year.

Full Day Photography Mentoring - $2300

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