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welcome to our blog - we're pat + mahlia

Our blog is the perfect spot to see our most recent photoshoots, learn wedding planning tips, and find out more fun random things about us like our favorite pizza, board games, and photos of our adorable cats!

Forget the camera tech, these will help get you through the wedding day So often photography educators focus on all of the technical camera gear to use on a wedding day. And that is definitely important to know and understand. But then once you get out there on the day of a wedding, you begin […]

Running a small business is a whole lot more work than when you initially come up with your business plan. Thankfully, there are some other small businesses that are now much larger businesses that have created tools to help you with your business! Below are some of the tools that we feel are some really […]

It doesn’t have to be scary! It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the idea of being published online or in print, but it’s actually a lot less scary than it may seem. You’ve rocked your work and now you want to share it with the world! And you totally should! Below we’re sharing our 3 […]

Networking Event Murfreesboro, Tennessee Last month I began co-hosting a new Women’s Networking group in Murfreesboro alongside 3 other female entrepreneurs. We have been discussing launching Boss Babes in the Boro since last summer and were so excited to be able to officially bring it to fruition in 2019! Boss Babes in the Boro was […]

HUSTLE & HEARTH PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP | for photographers I am so, so, SO beyond excited to finally be sharing with y’all something that has been in the works for about nearly two years. Some of you may have heard whispering that we are going to be launching something new for photographers…. well, the rumors are […]