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I wasn't born with an understanding of shutter speed, F stop (umm... f what?), what the heck an expodisc was, how to manage my clients & workflows (yeah, definitely didn't even know that word when I first started), or even where to buy business cards! Sound familiar? Maybe you can relate. I had gained some of experience about branding from my time studying graphic design in college - yep, you read that right, I didn't even pick up a real DSLR until after I was married!

I'm essentially entirely self trained, and that means I have tried a lot of products, online courses, watched a ton of CreativeLive, and most of all stopped watching and started doing! Y'all, you can't make your side hustle your dream job overnight, it takes a crazy amount of commitment to practicing and learning. Since I've always enjoyed helping others I created content to share with new photographers - want to hear more on a certain topic? Let us know!

Believe it or not, I didn't arrive at photography intentionally. 

Wanna know a Secret?

(cue the Pretty Little Liars theme)

my favorite photo tools

I'm sharing with you the exact software, companies, programs, and basically #allthethingswelove to run our business! In full transparency, please note, a small number of these are affiliate links so I do get an itty bitty commission whenever there are purchases made from clicking those links. But, trust, as I mentioned above, these are actual things that I use to run my business, so if I invest in them I endorse & am confident in these products & resources!

website & blog

blog & watermarks

culling software

file compression

off camera flash

white balance

creative cloud

camera equipment

photo + gif booth

design software

lighting gear

camera bags





online galleries

client management

Love our websites? They are all powered by showit! we can't recommend them enough!

Create collages in the blink of an eye for your blog & watermark images

Hours culling in bridge or lightroom? This software is like the Jimmy Johns of culling - it's freaky fast!

Reduce your photo files sizes without compromising your photo quality. Save 20% with code - ivorydoor

Our fav system that makes OCF less scary and more simple. We use the Odin system.

Spending too much time trying to get your colors to look right in camera? This is your new bff!

We use the full creative suite but primarily photoshop, lightroom, & bridge.

That's right, I've been #TeamNikon since day one. There's no right or wrong, this is just my jam (although Deb uses Canon shh..)

Everything you need to deliver photos to your clients & vendors - prints, downloads, everything!

Interactive photobooth for photo & gifs that will keep your clients & their guests entertained for hours. The modern booth!

Design albums, cards, magazines, and wall art in the snap of your fingers. Take the stress out of album sales!

Design albums, cards, magazines, and wall art in the snap of your fingers. Take the stress out of album sales!

These bags are incredibly durable and hold everything we need on a wedding day. We adore them!

Hoodies, t-shirts, tanks and more. Wearable marketing to create organic conversations.

Workflows, invoicing, contracts, scheduling, calendar... y'all this thing is a beast! Save 20% with code - ivorydoor