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February 2, 2018


Welcome to another installment of Feature Friday, in which we share with you some of our favorite Movies & TV shows! When we first were dating one of the things we bonded over was chatting about some of our favorite shows. We’ve found that is the same for a lot of our couples too! So, every now and then, we will showcase a different movie or show and share some of the reasons why we recommend it and the things that we really like about it. So be sure to tune in, check out some of our favorites, and maybe even turn it into a date night with your fiance! Make dinner or order in and tune in to watch one of our favorites.

This week: Brooklyn Nine Nine

Sometimes it seems like Andy Samberg can do no wrong. Then other times he makes That’s My Boy, but we’re going to choose to ignore that and concentrate more on his stint on Saturday Night Live, his group The Lonely Island (a.k.a. the Greatest Fake MCs on Earth), and today’s topic, Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Brooklyn Nine Nine is an office comedy about the team of detectives in Brooklyn’s 99th precinct. Samberg is ostensibly the lead, but in any given episode, the main story may go to any of a number of great co-stars (Stephanie Beatriz, Terry Crews, Melissa Fumero, Joe Lo Truglio, Chelsea Peretti, Andre Braugher…). It’s kind of a cliche now to talk about how shows like this are about people who are great at their jobs and less-so in every other aspect of their lives, but that’s very much what the Nine-Nine is all about.

Jake Peralta (Samberg) is obsessed with Die Hard, his fiance Amy (Fumero) is obsessed with order and bureaucracy, his best friend Charles (Lo Truglio) overshares about EVERYTHING, and the rest of the crew have their own quirks that get more elaborate as the series goes on. These ridiculous characters are the brainchild of series creators Daniel Goor (who was a writer on Parks and Rec, as well as for Carson Daly, Conan O’Brien, and Jon Stewart) and Michael Schur (who also created The Good Place which – if Nine-Nine isn’t – is the funniest show on TV right now).

When the show started, we were concerned that it wouldn’t last its first year. It was too funny and too clever to last on network TV, but here it is five and a half seasons in, with no real sign of stopping, and we’re along for however long they want this ride to be.

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