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July 3, 2018


As you all know, we absolutely love to travel. One of the very fun things about our job is that we get to hear from our couples about their honeymoon and anniversary trips. The good and the bad, the lessons learned and the recommendations to see. This always leads to late night searches to find what our ideal trip destinations would be, which ultimately led to us sharing out 6 dream honeymoon destinations with y’all!

  1. Santorini Island –You have almost certainly viewed the rolling white cityscape of Santorini while perusing Pinterest late at night. The island is known for it’s eye catching white buildings, crystal blue water, and relaxing atmosphere. We don’t have a specific location for you to stay… because, honestly, there are just far too many gorgeous locations that you can choose from.
  2. Bora BoraAs they say; so nice, they names it twice. This is one of those iconic tropical destinations that showcase bungalows in a private lagoon. This is a luxurious retreat space offers amenities such as mini golf, water activities, and a glass floor in their sunset lounge.
  3. Norway – Looking for someplace a little cooler? Yeah, you’ll roll your eyes at that pun in a moment. We recommend checking out Sorrisniva. Y’all, you can stay in an ice hotel!! yep, there’s the cold pun. But, in all honesty, this is a breathtaking location with activities ranging from viewing the Northern Lights to a Snowmobile Safari or Ice Fishing! This is one of those honeymoon locations that is simply unforgettable. Also look at Lofoten if you are intrigued by the Norway idea!
  4. MontanaPaws Up Experience luxury camping in one of our nations hidden treasures, the great state of Montana. Plus, you can even visit Yellowstone National Park if you have a free day or two! But with onsite dining, spa, and activities like archery, equestrian, helicopter tours, paintball.. well, let’s just say there are a crazy amount of things to keep you entertained!
  5. Finland – Ok, so this may be a bit similar to Norway but these glass igloos that let you experience the Northern Lights are simply too incredible not to include on this list. Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort features other fun trip experience such as husky safaris, cross country skiing, and even Santa’s home if you visit at the right time of the year.
  6. Cruising — Ok, so this is less of a dream and more like reality. We actually did take a cruise for our own honeymoon! While we opted to cruise the Caribbean, we ideally would have loved to have taken a cruise in Europe. Since our wedding we have taken several cruises among various companies and have since learned of some really cool destinations such as Alaskan, French Polynesian, & even Australia! Plus, have you heard of transatlantic cruises? These are ideal for those who simply love sipping cocktails poolside, playing games and enjoying the amenities of the ship because you spend most of your time at sea instead of port hopping.

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