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A Night Ceremony at Farrar Hill Farms


April 28, 2016


We have been waiting for Jaqui and Jason’s wedding for over a year. Last spring we photographed their gorgeous engagement session, which has been featured on several wedding blogs, at their wedding venue. So, we’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of their wedding date since! Plus, the fact that the two of them just absolutely rock made us all the more excited to spend their wedding day with them!

When we first met with them, Jaqui was explaining to us her vision of a nighttime ceremony with lights strung up everywhere. It sounded like an absolute fairytale. And when we saw it on the wedding day it was absolutely breathtaking!IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0020

IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0025 IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0026 IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0038 IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0037 IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0036 IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0027 IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0024 IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0028 IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0039

One of the best parts about having this evening ceremony was that Jaqui and Jason were able to spend most of their wedding day together. Which sounds kind of crazy, right? It’s surprising actually that most couples only see each other for a few hours on their wedding day. Each of them had plenty of time to spend with their wedding party, they had time to relax and get ready exchange gifts all before your first look.

IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0029 IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0032IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0055 IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0031 IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0030

We photographed all of their bridal party, all of their family portraits, and everything else that is typically done after the ceremony well before their guests arrived. Which then allowed them spend the entire evening and reception together and with their friends and family.

Speaking of their bridal party, it was so wonderful seeing so many of our past grooms in Jason’s wedding party. Both Scott and Ethan were a part of their wedding day, and both of their wives were at the wedding too. In fact, Ethan’s wife Ashley helped to coordinate the wedding. She did a fantastic job, the bridesmaids could not stop raving about her!

IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0013 IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0011 IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0009IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0044 IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0012 IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0010 IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0015 IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0018 IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0019 IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0041 IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0042 IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0040 IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0033IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0051

They chose to have a first look and it was the best decision ever. Combined with their evening ceremony, Jaqui and Jason were able to have short portrait sessions throughout the day. After the first look we spent a few minutes with them during the day time doing photos of just the two of them. Shortly before sunset we took them back out for photos during the golden hour. Jaqui is absolutely obsessed with golden hour photos and so are we, so we were thrilled that they wanted to do for couples portraits then too.

IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0034 IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0035 IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0048 IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0050 IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0008IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0002 IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0004 IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0007 IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0006 IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0003 IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0049 IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0005 IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0001 IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0054

Before the ceremony, they had dinner ready for their guests. Jaqui stayed hidden but enjoyed dinner with Jason outside in a gazebo near the lake. Is that not the most perfect idea ever? What a sweet and intimate date together before becoming husband & wife!

IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0017 IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0016 IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0043 IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0052 IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0047 IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0053 IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0045 IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0021 IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0023The newlyweds chose to celebrate their honeymoon with a trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. What an absolute dream, right?

IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0046 IvoryDoorStudio_FarrarHillFarms_NightWedding_JASON+JAQUI-0022

WEDDING VENDORS: Venue: Farrar Hill Farms | DJ: Premier DJ | Dresses: USA Bridal | Wedding Gown: Casablanca | Hair: Off Mane Street Salon – Sarah Hibbs Williams | Officiant: Marry Me of Tennessee | Cake Designer: Publix | Planner: Ashley Bruce | Honeymoon: Excellence Resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic | Formalwear: Jos A Bank     #dixonpartyof2

"Choosing Ivory Door Studio for my wedding was one of the best decisions I made. "

  1. Brittani says:

    Um FAIRYTALE is right!! What a beautiful wedding day and a gorgeous ceremony!

  2. Lori Stead says:

    All of these images are just incredible. The images of the ceremony under the tree, all glowing and yellow… WOWZER!!! Amazing! And I LOVE the bridesmaid dresses – they look like a bouquet when they gather together… all surrounding the bride. LOVE everything about this!

  3. That tree! And those lights! How beautiful! Totally like something out of a dream…

  4. Looks like she got her dream come true! Amazingly great job of capturing it!

  5. Lovely wedding. So many pretty details. Those bridesmaids dresses are AMAZING

  6. Milly says:

    The wedding was amazing and These pictures are absolutely stunning!! They all belong on Pinterest!

  7. Raegan says:

    This wedding was so unique and the pictures show it! It’s looks like a wedding book! ????

  8. Lailah says:

    the wedding was just as beautiful as this couple!! So dreamy!

  9. Lorie nunn says:

    Not only the lights magically glowing but the bride and groom light up the world. Beautful wedding with love felt in every room. Amazing and grateful to be part of this once in a lifetime event:)

  10. Teresa says:

    Breathtakingly beautiful! Jaqui looked like an angel. I’m so happy she had the wedding of her dreams, for she surely deserves it. Thank you for the narrative of their special day. I wasn’t able to attend but you just gave me a glimpse. Thank you so much.

  11. Ashley Pittman says:

    Absolutely breathtaking!

  12. Jill says:

    Absolutely lovely!!

  13. Michelle says:

    So pretty and creative

  14. Marirae says:

    The most wonderful wedding, ever! Beautiful in every way! !

  15. So neat! I love that they had a night ceremony! Beautiful!

  16. Janis says:

    One of the most beautiful and love filled weddings I have ever been too.

  17. Larry & Sandi Vineyard says:

    What beautiful pix that day was perfect. That whole weekend was great. Xoxox

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