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Meet the Ivory Door Team!

Here's the spot where we're supposed to talk about how our only desire since before we could even walk was to be a photographer... probably sounds familiar, right? Ha! Yeah... that is so not our story.

And honestly, photography isn't our main passion (gasp, that's right, we just said that!).  People are. 

The relationships that we make with our clients is what drives us and is the reason we love what we do. The type of connection that feels like we've been friends forever - because who wants to hang out with a stranger on their wedding day? Don't worry, not only do we connect well with parents but wedding parties love us too! What can we say? Our couples & their families always rave that we're a perfect balance, the best of both worlds, because we're just straight up professional & fun! 

Ivory Door Studio is considered one of the Best Wedding Photographers in Nashville, with a decade of experience in the Nashville Wedding industry we have made strong connections throughout Middle Tennessee. Our photography team specializes in using off camera flash for our wedding and event coverage to create dramatic lighting and ensure that everyone is crystal clear in your photos - even in a reception room with low lighting. Our lighting expertise also allows for breathtakingly colorful sunset and night time portraits that showcase that showcase you as well as the incredible venue surrounding you.

it's ok, you can creep on us


I'm Mahlia. (Muh-lee-uh). Owner. Lead Photographer.

Boutonnieres Pinned - too many to count
Photographed Weddings & Sessions in 11 states & 2 countries.

While I was born & raised in Oregon, I'm a Southern girl at heart, I drink my tea sweet & I promise I will say y'all way too much (actually, is that even possible?) I attended Montana State University (go bobcats!) where I studied graphic design, joined the Greek system (any guess what house I'm in?), and discovered that it's freaking cold in the Northwest! So I zipideedoodah'ed myself all the way down to the Sunshine State to defrost & work at Disney World. I was a tour guide at The Great Movie Ride where I also occasionally hijacked vehicles dressed as a 1920's gangster & I launched people into space at Star Tours (yes, we own lightsabers). Pat & I are Disney World Sweethearts... yep, we met & fell in love while working at the happiest place on earth (did we just hear you say awww?).

Hey y'all!


hi there!

I'm Pat. Owner. Studio Manager. Pizza Aficionado
(I take that last one pretty seriously)

Veils Tossed - too many to count

Nashville felt like home the very first time we visited, but I grew up in the ice of Michigan (when we meet I'll totally point on my hand exactly where I'm from... if you're familiar with MI you'll understand. If you're not... you might just look at me like I'm a crazy person). I went to college for broadcasting, which is where my video journey began. I believe that family time is the very best quality time and that Christmas can never come too soon. When we travel, I always buy an ornament for our tree to remember the trip. I may or may not respond in gifs... like a lot. Remember how Mahlia mentioned us meeting at Disney World? I worked with her at both locations plus Kilimanjaro Safaris and more than 8 other cast roles! If you want to talk Disney, I'm your gu(y)ide. (See what I did there?)

My Love Language?
Queso - err.. I mean, Acts of Service & Quality Time

A few of my Favorite Things...
If it's teal or sparkly I will love it unconditionally! Mango or avocado? Sign me up! Hedgehogs, pandas, flower crowns, making travel plans at 2AM, board games, wine, & aimlessly browsing Hobby Lobby are all things that feed my soul. Chances are, if it aired on the CW I've watched it & then binged it again on Netflix. There are few things in life I cherish more than quality time with my grandmother (we play Scrabble).

My Favorite Part of Wedding Day?
First Looks. Either with your fiance or daddy & daughter, I'm all in! Or watching mom, her eyes brimming with tears of joy and pride as she zips her daughters wedding dress.

My Super Power & Hidden Talent?
Binging 2 seasons of Gilmore Girls in 1 day? j/k, but I can spin a rifle & toss flags high in the air because #ColorGuard

reverse, reverse

cha cha again

My Love Language?
Pizza (remember?) .... Quality Time

A few of my Favorite Things...
If it's a movie or podcast, you've got my attention! And if it's a podcast about movies then you are really talking my language. Watching ESPN or a Marvel movie with my dad. Setters of Catan, searching for our next cruise, being an Uncle, The Beatles, rum & coke, & debating who shot first (I mean c'mon it was definitely...).

My Favorite Part of Wedding Day?
The unexpected in between moments, the totally offscript, candid & completely unpredictable, hysterical & priceless memories.

My Super Power & Hidden Talent?
If you're headed to a trivia night, you want me there. Just trust me on this. Although, I should clarify, you want me on your team - not someone else's. 




Wife & mother of 2 sweet children. My husband & I hired Ivory Door for our own wedding in 2015 & I'm thrilled to be working alongside the team now! I'm growing my passion for photography too!


Assistant & Photobooth Attendant

I moved from the Big Apple to Nashville with my best gal pal and have been loving it here in Music City! I am one half of The Wanderlust Girls. Fashion, Music, & Travel are my jam!



Wife and fur baby mama of 2 pups; Kenai a pomsky & Nala a German Shepherd. I picked up a camera when I was in high school and loved the creative freedom I found within. 

more of the team!

our TOP 10  

Oy with the poodles already! If you love the Gilmores we're going to get along together like Rory + books, Lorelai + coffee, and Emily + #throwingshade.

Gilmore Girls


I'll be there for you, on your wedding day. Ha! If you know Monica's field hockey name, Chandlers job & all the steps to the Routine then we may be your lobster.



We'll be your person for you on the wedding day.
And can we also chat about who you are shipping?

Grey's Anatomy


Cheyenne, Garrett, Glenn... Not to mention every single time they cut to something random that customers are doing in the store.



HODOR! ... Also, if you're planning  GoT wedding, we need to talk, like yesterday. Because not only is Winter coming, but so is your wedding!

Game of Thrones


Basically, all things Kristin Bell. Because we don't care if she's a Marshmallow or in Heaven. We enjoy every moment of her brilliance all the same.

Veronica Mars & The Good Place


It may have only gotten a few episodes but there is a reason it's a fan favorite. Plus, this is the first show Pat & Mahlia bonded over while dating.



Umm... hello, time traveling and an epic romance?!
Claire is one clever, brave and super lucky woman!



Rosa is an inspiration to all.
And we are totally living for the annual heist & the full bullpen!

Brooklyn Nine Nine


“It is pretty spectacular. Though ‘spectacular’ takes on a much different meaning once a person’s met you.” Oh, Midge, how we adore you!

Marvelous Mrs. Maisel


New Jersey
New York
North Carolina

South Carolina

Grand Cayman
Costa Rica
British Virgin Islands
US Virgin Islands

New Zealand
South Africa



Grand Cayman




British Virgin Islands

US Virgin Islands

New York

mexican food

Just in queso you were wondering, we love tacos.

rainy days + board games

Pat     Clue | Mahlia     Scrabble

ice cream

Mahlia     Coffee | Pat     Vanilla


I know the guac is extra, so am I.

slice of pizza

Pat      Meat Lovers | Mahlia     Pineapple

sweet tea

Hello... is it tea you're looking for?

movie nights

Mahlia      Fast & the Furious   |  Pat       Casablanca


We knead cookies

game time!

Pat     Portal  |  Mahlia     Board Games

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Murfreesboro Wedding Photographer
The hunt for your ideal Nashville wedding photographers can seem really intimidating at first when you realize just how many there are in Middle Tennessee. It's important to find the right fit for you as a couple. You are going to chat with your photographer a lot during the months leading up to the wedding, you'll spend time together for your engagement photos, bridal portraits and any other sessions you include in your Collection including day after, rock & trash the dress, and more. Plus, you'll be spending the entire day of your wedding together! We value every moment we spend with our couples. Our Nashville based couples are fun and enjoy images that reflect that joy but are also elegant and creative. One amazing compliment we constantly hear from our clients is how relaxed we made them feel, that they actually have fun during their engagement session and can't wait to spend their wedding day with us. In fact, they return for yearly anniversary photos with us! We are based in Murfreesboro, TN but we love to travel and serve all of Middle Tennessee - including Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood, & Belle Meade. We have even photographed weddings in Montana, Kentucky & Florida as well. We have traveled through Tennessee including Knoxville. As international photographers we service destination weddings, engagements, proposals including Disney World & Belize.

Nashville Tennessee Photographers
To us, Wedding Photography is about Connection. We chose this specific path to specialize in because we truly love the connections we make with our couples. From the first moment we meet them, through the planning process, engagement session, wedding day, delivery, & into their anniversary sessions. We truly connect and make friends and love seeing the joy that our work brings to a couple & their families. Then when we photograph their friends weddings years later, we immediately reconnect when we see a past couple. Personal connections are just as important as emotional connections. When you truly capture a moment there is no explanation that needs to accompany the image - because the photo itself tells the story. You connect to it. It could be a photo that isn't even one of your own but a complete strangers & when you connect with that image and it triggers a memory from your own past, that is what is truly amazing. 

Nashville Wedding Photographer
Our business is based on community. We want to cultivate and inspire our couples to become friends with us, as well as friends with one another. We believe that there is power in finding like-minded people and connecting with them. Our business & the community we are designing stands for creativity, authenticity, & style that reflects & expresses without words. We believe in having fun and being yourself no matter who is in the room. We believe that inspiring others and paying it forward is important to ones own happiness. We believe in the joy of a sunset and the love of a best friend. We believe in great light, unforeseen adventures, & the romantic moments. We believe in supporting quality people, products, & relationships. We believe that emotion drives the most important moments, and we believe in the importance & responsibility of being there to preserve those emotional moments. We believe that every couple is unique but we all have commonalities that make us want to commune together. That is why we stand for & believe in the community to we designing.

We are Pat & Mahlia Dooley, and we are Nashville Tennessee wedding photographers. Ivory Door Studio’s mission is to impact the lives of our couples through authentic & viable personal connections, tangible products, a personalized wedding experience and quality service that exceeds expectations. Ivory Door Studio has been established and operating in Murfreesboro Tennessee since 2014. Since our doors opened we have had the pleasure of photographing ceremonies nationally in states including Montana, Kentucky, Oregon, Tennessee & Florida. We capture portraits primarily in natural light while implementing professional lighting when needed. We have experience working with flash to curate beautiful reception photos, intricate detail pictures, and outdoor night portraits.

Ivory Door Studio primarily serves Middle TN including Murfreesboro, Brentwood, Franklin, Belle Meade, Nashville, Gatlinburg, Chattanooga. We have traveled for destination weddings in other states including Orlando, FL - Portland, OR - Bowling Green, KY - Bozeman, MT - & an engagement session in Belize!

Mahlia & Pat have had the pleasure of working with numerous couples from outside of the area. We have had clients choose Nashville as their destination wedding venue. They & their loved ones have flown in from states such as Illinois, California, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, & Connecticut.