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December 6, 2022

Celebrating the Launch of Truthfully Stew Podcast with a Branding Photoshoot

Sheena Steward, co-founder of Love at Any Stage, is taking her career to the next level with the launch of her own podcast entitled “Truthfully Stew”. To celebrate this accomplishment Sheena decided to have a branding photoshoot done in Nashville. Sheena wanted to capture the energy and hard work that went into launching the podcast, and so she came prepared with a variety of outfits and poses in front of her Yeti Podcast Mic, laptop, and other work equipment.

The Photoshoot Process

The process for this photoshoot was seamless! Sheena had chosen a photographer who specializes in creative brand photography and they worked together closely to create an aesthetic that would be perfect for Sheena’s mission. The photographer was able to bring out Sheena’s personality by capturing shots with her favorite items like her Yeti Podcast Mic and laptop. On top of that she also posed for some traditional headshots as well as full body photos. After spending about 2 hours shooting in different locations around Nashville, they had captured enough images for Sheena to use for promotional marketing for months to come.

The photos were vibrant and clean –perfect to help promote the launch of her new show! Now that she has great photos from the shoot, she can start creating content such as social media posts or email campaigns that will help promote her podcast even more!

Celebrating big milestones like launching a new business or podcast is always important – especially when you have put in so much hard work into making it happen! A branding photoshoot like this one is an excellent way to showcase your accomplishments while getting amazing content for promotional marketing purposes too. If you are looking to get great images for your own project make sure you find a skilled photographer who understands your vision and can help bring it to life!

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