Celebrate Graduation with a College Senior Photoshoot!


May 16, 2023

Graduating college is a major milestone and should be celebrated properly. Vanderbilt University is known for its beautiful campus, especially in the springtime. A perfect way to commemorate your college graduation is by having a senior photoshoot with your closest friends!

3 Reasons why you need a college senior photoshoot!

  • Capture Unforgettable College Memories – Graduation photos are the perfect way to capture memories of your last year as an undergrad. Whether you’re graduating from high school or college, having photos taken on the quaint and historic grounds of Vanderbilt University will provide you with beautiful memories for years to come. From Wyatt Hall to the library steps, there are countless iconic backdrops on campus that make for amazing photographs.
  • Commemorate Your Friendships – College friendships form some of our strongest bonds and what better way to celebrate them than by taking graduation photos together? A group photo on campus creates lasting memories that will stay with you long after graduation day has passed. You can also get individual shots of each person so that everyone has their own set of memories to look back on when they reminisce about their college days.
  • New Headshots for Your New Job! – Enter the workforce more prepared than your fellow graduates! Instead of adding a selfie to your LinkedIn profile, up your game with a professional headshot and outshine the other candidates!

Vanderbilt Seniors 2022 near the Wyatt Center

The Historic Wyatt Center at Vanderbilt University: A Graduation Tradition

As a graduating student, you are already well aware of the importance of your commencement ceremony. Walking across the stage, turning your tassel, and officially becoming an alum of your beloved university. But have you ever stopped to consider the location of this momentous event? At Vanderbilt University, the Wyatt Center has served as the iconic backdrop for graduation ceremonies for over 40 years! How crazy is that?!

The Wyatt Center was originally built in 1957 as a dormitory for undergraduate women named Mary Hall. However, in 1975, the building was renamed Wyatt Center in honor of Chancellor Alexander Heard’s predecessor, Harvie Branscomb Wyatt. Since then, the building has undergone multiple renovations, adding to its grandeur and symbolic significance on campus.

Although graduation ceremonies at Vanderbilt have evolved over time, the Wyatt Center has remained a constant and beloved tradition. From the emotional speeches to the sea of black robes, it’s hard not to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment in this historic space. And let’s be honest, there’s something pretty special about walking across the stage in a building that has such a rich history.

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