A Colorful Wedding at White Dove Barn


June 15, 2021

A Colorful Wedding at White Dove Barn

Clair & Dillon’s Colorful Wedding day at White Dove Barn was an absolute dream! We absolutely fell in love with these two the very first time we chatted. We’ve had a blast together over the past two years as we helped them plan and did two engagement sessions! So we were super excited to spend the day with their families too! And these two wow-ed us with their vibrant color palette! It’s giving us all the Tangled vibes in all of the best ways! And hello – FLOWER CROWNS! Yup. Swooning over here!

4 Reasons to Embrace a Vibrant Spring Color Palette for your Wedding Day!

  1. Symbolism of New Beginnings: Spring is often associated with new beginnings and fresh starts. By using a bright spring color palette for their wedding, a couple can capture the essence of this season and symbolize the start of their journey together as a married couple. Colors such as vibrant yellows, soft pinks, and lush greens can evoke feelings of renewal and optimism, setting a joyful tone for the celebration.
  2. Vibrant and Energetic Atmosphere: Bright spring colors have a way of infusing energy and vibrancy into any space. By incorporating these colors into their wedding decor, a couple can create an atmosphere that exudes liveliness and excitement. This can uplift the spirits of both the couple and their guests, making the celebration feel even more joyful and memorable.
  3. Natural Beauty and Floral Inspiration: Spring is a time when nature comes alive with colorful blooms and blossoming trees. By choosing a bright spring color palette, a couple can draw inspiration from the natural beauty of this season. They can incorporate floral elements, such as bouquets, centerpieces, and arches, that mirror the vibrant hues found in springtime gardens. This not only enhances the visual appeal of the wedding but also creates a cohesive and harmonious aesthetic.
  4. Versatility and Creativity: Bright spring colors offer a wide range of possibilities for creative expression. From pastel shades to bold and saturated hues, there are numerous options to choose from when designing a wedding with a bright spring color palette. This versatility allows couples to express their unique style and personality through their color choices. They can play with different combinations, mix and match shades, and experiment with various textures and patterns to create a visually stunning and personalized wedding that reflects their taste.

Overall, using a bright spring color palette for a wedding can bring forth a sense of new beginnings, create a vibrant atmosphere, draw inspiration from nature’s beauty, and provide endless opportunities for creative expression. It

July 4th Wedding Fireworks Show

To safely incorporate fireworks into your wedding reception, it is essential to prioritize safety. Hire professional pyrotechnicians who have the expertise to handle fireworks and ensure all necessary precautions are taken. Choose an outdoor venue with ample space, away from potential hazards. Plan the display in detail, considering factors like wind direction and weather conditions. Inform guests in advance about the fireworks display and establish clear safety perimeters. Have fire extinguishers readily available and inform local. And make sure to ask your venue in advance if you can have a fireworks show!

Photographer – Ivory Door Studio
Venue – White Dove Barn
Cake – Neighbor Cakes
Catering – Kirby’s Catering Kitchen
Bride’s Dress Shop – Modern Trousseau
Bridesmaid Dresses – Jjhouse
Officiant – Mark Vice

"Choosing Ivory Door Studio for my wedding was one of the best decisions I made. "

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