Romantic Engagement Session in Nashville


May 10, 2022

Romantic Engagement Session in Nashville

Annie and Miles engagement session was so romantic, fun and just a total dream! We went to some of the best and most iconic spots in Nashville for their engagement pictures. Bicentennial mall and the Pedestrian Bridge. We love the two looks that they did for their outfits too. The first was bright and fresh and looked great with the Bicentennial Mall 95-bell carillon. When we moved to the pedestrian bridge they went from lighter shades to a rich and elegant upscale look. These colors paired beautifully with the skyline, bridge, and rich sunset.

Which is your favorite look? Drop a comment below!

7 ideas for the best spots in Nashville for engagement photos:

  1. Pedestrian Bridge: The iconic Pedestrian Bridge offers stunning views of the Nashville skyline as a backdrop for your engagement photos.
  2. Centennial Park: The Parthenon replica and lush greenery are perfect for photos. Centennial Park provides a picturesque setting for romantic and timeless engagement photos. Don’t forget a permit!
  3. Arrington Vineyards: For a touch of rustic charm, head to Arrington Vineyards. You can capture your love among the vineyards and rolling hills of Tennessee wine country.
  4. Percy Warner Park: This expansive park offers diverse landscapes, including open grassy fields, wooded areas, and scenic trails, making it perfect for capturing a variety of beautiful shots.
  5. Cheekwood: Known for its stunning botanical gardens and elegant architecture, Cheekwood provides a dreamy and visually captivating setting for engagement photos.
  6. Bicentennial Mall: Featuring impressive monuments and panoramic views, Bicentennial Mall offers a mix of historical charm and modern urban vibes, creating a unique backdrop for your photos.
  7. Downtown Nashville: The vibrant streets of downtown Nashville offer a lively and energetic atmosphere, with colorful murals, historic buildings, and neon signs, providing a trendy and urban backdrop for your engagement photos.

Loving this Nashville engagement session? Here’s another we adore!

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