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July 17, 2018

OUR 5 FAVORITE PIECES OF GEAR | for photographers

There are a lot of pieces of photography gear that we use on a regular basis and can’t imagine not having with us for a photoshoot, and definitely are must haves for a wedding day! Today I’m not going to go over all of our camera gear from lenses to bodies and such but instead 5 of our smaller must have items that we believe all photographers should have.

# 1 – The ExpoDisc

So, what does this neat little gadget do? The ExpoDisc will get your color right in camera so you know that all of your skin colors look right and your greens look their truest green. Essentially it does the best job of having the camera see the same colors you do with your own eyes. Sure, you can use Auto Whitebalance and let the camera do the guess work, or use a white balance card, or do Kelvin adjustments yourselves. But, for us, after many years of photography we’ve found that he much prefer ExpoDisc!

#2 – Our Prisms

While I don’t get to play with our prisms as often as I would like to, I absolutely love the effect that they have to an image. You can achieve some very versatile, unique pieces of artwork when working with a prism. It definitely takes some work to achieve the optimal look but with some experience you can really unleash your creativity. We’re currently using Fractals but you can pick up an prism online to start practicing!

#3 – Wescott Rapidbox

I picked this up at WPPI this spring and I simply can not get enough of this amazing little gadget. In the past I’ve had several softboxes but none of them have been as versatile at this one. It can easily be handheld for something with limited time such as sunset photos. And, honestly, this soft box has totally upped our game for sunset and night photography. I find myself constantly using it any time I use Off Camera Flash (OCF).

#4 – Cheetah Lightstands

Let me start right now by telling you, not all lightstands are created equal. And this sweet company has created our absolute favorite ones of all time! They are light weight and when you lift the pole the legs collapse so you can easily move throughout a reception carrying several at a time. In fact, I regularly carry 3 of them around during weddings without any difficulty. These are the specific ones that we use!

#5 – Folding Step Stool

I do not do a photoshoot without this little guy. I have no delusions that I am tall, I am completely aware that I am a shorty. haha. So achieving the angles that are most flattering and I prefer to take photos at is most easily done with my step stool. Well, and the handy tilt live view mode on a Nikon D750 comes in handy too! Here’s one that is similar to our own! A must have for photographers under 5’5″!

If you found this interesting, read more about our experience at WPPI this year here!

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