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August 10, 2018


Welcome to another installment of Feature Friday, in which we share with you some of our favorite Movies & TV shows! When we were first dating, one of the things we bonded over was chatting about some of our favorite shows. We’ve found that it’s the same for a lot of our couples, too! So, every now and then, we will showcase a different movie or show and share some of the reasons why we recommend it and the things that we really like about it. So be sure to tune in, check out some of our favorites, and maybe even turn it into a date night with your fiance! Make dinner or order in and tune in to watch one of our favorites!

This week: Ender’s Game

The Ender’s Game novel is one of Pat’s favorite books he’s ever read, so when it was announced that a big-screen adaptation was on its way starring Asa Butterfield (who we loved in Hugo), Harrison Ford, Viola Davis, and Ben Kingsley, our hype levels were, understandably, super-high. While we left the theater the first time a little underwhelmed (the movie takes some major creative liberties with the source material), this is a movie that’s grown on us a lot upon subsequent re-watches and has become one of our favorite recent sci-fi movies.

It’s hard to talk about Ender’s Game without spoiling the MASSIVE plot twist at the end, but here goes nothing. Ender is a young cadet being trained to be a general in the upcoming war with the Formics, a race of insect aliens who once nearly wiped out all of humanity. His training consists primarily of coursework and sessions in the Battle Room, a zero-gravity fight simulator that basically looks like the coolest game of laser tag imagineable.

And it’s the Battle Room sequences that really steal the show here. It’s one of the parts of the film that is almost 100% accurate to how its described in the novel, and the fight choreography and cinematography are fantastic. The performances are all very good and, again, that plot twist is phenomenal, but it’s the fun-yet-intense Battle Room scenes that push this over the top.

This is pure old-school science fiction with no superheroes and minimal CGI creature work, the kind of “people sitting around a table wondering what they’re going to do about the alien problem” movie they just don’t seem to make anymore which is all the more reason to check out Ender’s Game.

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