3 Crazy Simple Tips to Getting Published

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August 22, 2019

It doesn’t have to be scary!

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the idea of being published online or in print, but it’s actually a lot less scary than it may seem. You’ve rocked your work and now you want to share it with the world! And you totally should! Below we’re sharing our 3 crazy simple tips to getting published!

Make it Simple

While you can go from website to website and submit to each one of them individually, it’s a lot more time effective and less intimidating to try out one of the fabulous publication platforms such as Two Bright Lights or Matchology to streamline your submissions. They also help pair your work with the right companies.

Nashville Wedding at the cathedral of the incarnation

Do some Research!

This doesn’t mean hours and hours of researching. But before you hit submit, hop onto their website and see what they are looking for. If you are a dark and moody photographer and every single image that the share and publish is light and airy film… don’t waste their time or yours. Your work is fabulous, but this isn’t the right platform to share it on. Find a publication that fits your style and will get you in front of your tribe. Afterall, those people are the right clients for you!

Be Informative Upfront

Romantic Fall Purple and Gold Wedding at Events on Cannery Row Historic ONE Event space

Have all of the important information including your clients names, wedding dates and a short and sweet story about them and their wedding day or session. Most importantly, credit all of the other vendors involved. If you have all of the details ready upfront for the publication to access, it makes it much more simple on their end to approve your submission and get it published quickly.

BONUS TIP! Don’t Overwhelm

If you send the editor 600 images, you are going to get rejected. It’s just that simple. They are going through hundreds of submissions daily and they don’t have the time or energy to devote going through an entire full wedding gallery. Keep it simple and share between 40-120 images, max. And publications love vertical portrait images over a plethora of landscape horizontal.

Here is our little guide for how to select those images.

3 – 5 invitation photos
3 – 5 ring photos
10 detail shots of the accessories & attire photos
10 getting ready photos
5 shots of the venue property & sign photos
7-10 first look photos
15-20 couple portraits
3 – 5 wedding party photos
10 ceremony decor detail photos
10-15 ceremony photos
25 reception decor detail shots
3-5 cake and dessert shots
5-10 reception & party photos

Think 70% Details and about 30% People.
Photos to exclude – guests, family, and food. Unless they are totally epic, super trendy, or will go viral because it’s just too cute!

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