Larson Floral Co Branding Photoshoot

Personal Branding

August 10, 2021

Personal Branding Photoshoot for Florist

Nashville florist Natasha of Larson Floral Co. launched her business’s full rebrand, including a new logo, colors, and website! To celebrate this exciting milestone, Natasha decided to invest in a personal branding photoshoot. A branding photoshoot helps showcase your business’s unique story and personality—and there’s no better way to do that than through photos!

The photoshoot included photos of the storefront, team, and headshots for use on the website and social media. With an experienced photographer by her side, Natasha captured all the details that make her business so special. A Personal Branding Photoshoot for Florist is a must for any flower shop!

6 Reasons You need a Brand Photoshoot for your Small Business

  1. Establishing a Professional Image: A branding photoshoot allows small business owners to create high-quality visual content that presents their brand in a professional and polished manner.
  2. Creating Consistency: Consistent branding is crucial for small businesses to establish a recognizable identity. By having a branding photoshoot, business owners can capture images that align with their brand’s aesthetic, colors, and messaging.
  3. Showcasing Products or Services: A branding photoshoot provides an opportunity for small business owners to use high-quality images of their offerings. Showing them being used or enjoyed by customers, they can communicate the unique value they bring to the market.
  4. Humanizing the Brand: Small businesses often thrive on building personal connections with their customers. A branding photoshoot can help humanize the brand by featuring the business owner, employees, or even loyal customers in the photos. These images can be used to tell the brand’s story, showcase its values, and create an emotional connection with the target audience.
  5. Social Media Content: In today’s digital age, social media plays a vital role in marketing strategies. Having a library of professional photos from a branding photoshoot ensures a consistent stream of eye-catching content for social media platforms. Business owners can use these photos to create visually appealing posts, share behind-the-scenes glimpses, and promote their products or services effectively.
  6. Enhancing Website Design: High-quality and visually appealing images can significantly enhance the design and aesthetics of a business website. By utilizing photos from a branding photoshoot, small business owners can create an engaging and visually captivating online presence. From hero images on the homepage to product/service galleries, these photos can make a website more attractive and compelling to potential customers.

Check out Larson Floral Co’s new website & branding all done by Ivory Door Studio!
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"Choosing Ivory Door Studio for my wedding was one of the best decisions I made. "

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