A Sweet Elopement at Oaklands Mansion


March 28, 2023

A Sweet Elopement at Oaklands Mansion in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

The dream of a destination wedding is one that many couples share. With so many amazing places to elope, why wouldn’t you? Stacie and Lew wanted to have an elopement in Tennessee, and they did just that! They contacted Elope in Tennessee to help them make the arrangements, and they were recommended Oaklands Mansion in Murfreesboro. After seeing the historical location, they knew it was perfect for their special day. When the day came around, Elope in Tennessee handled everything from the flowers, photos, officiant – even hiring a hair and makeup artist for the bride!

The Venue: Oaklands Mansion

Oaklands Mansion was exactly what Stacie and Lew were looking for. It was a little ways away from downtown Nashville but still close enough that it was easy to get there on their wedding day. What really drew them to this location though were its historical features. Built by Maney family in 1820s-1850s, Oaklands has seen a lot of history. There’s also plenty of green space surrounding it which made it an ideal venue for their elopement ceremony. And with its columns and grand windows, it had a classic Southern charm that made it perfect for Stacie and Lew’s special day

With Elope in Tennessee helping them make all the arrangements, Stacie and Lew’s elopement went off without a hitch! They got everything they needed – from flowers to photos – all with one vendor who took care of everything from start to finish! Not only did Elope in Tennessee provide everything they needed for their wedding day but also any other services Stacie and Lew may have needed such as hiring a hair and makeup artist for the bride before she said “I do”

Florida Honeymoon

After saying their vows at Oakland Mansion, Stacie and Lew packed up their bags and headed off on their Florida honeymoon! With plans already booked through Elope In Tennessee they could enjoy every minute of their honeymoon without having to worry about planning anything else during such an exciting time – making sure that all of their dreams come true!

Eloping doesn’t always mean sacrificing your dream wedding — especially when you have experts like those at Elope In Tennessee helping you out along the way. From finding the perfect venue like Oaklands Mansion to taking care of all those extra details like hair & makeup services; planning your elopement can be easy peasy when you have experts taking care of it all! So if you’re dreaming about getting married outside of city limits with just your nearest & dearest present then consider enlisting help from professionals who can make it happen – just like Stacie & Lew did on their special day!

"Choosing Ivory Door Studio for my wedding was one of the best decisions I made. "

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