Planning a Micro Wedding in Nashville


October 21, 2023

Planning a Micro Wedding in Music City: A Guide to Nashville Nuptials

Micro weddings have become increasingly popular, offering couples an intimate and personalized wedding experience. If you’re considering a micro wedding in the vibrant city of Nashville, Tennessee, you’re in for a treat! Known for our rich musical history and southern hospitality, Nashville offers a unique backdrop for your special day.

Why Choose Nashville? Nashville, fondly referred to as Music City, is brimming with charm and character. It’s home to a diverse selection of venues, from rustic farmhouses to chic rooftop spaces, catering to various wedding themes and preferences. Coupled with the city’s lively music scene, fantastic cuisine, and beautiful landscapes, Nashville provides a memorable setting for your micro wedding.

Selecting the Perfect Venue

One of the first steps in planning your Nashville micro wedding is selecting the perfect venue. The city boasts a variety of stunning options:

  • Cheekwood Estate and Gardens: This unique venue offers beautiful gardens for an outdoor ceremony and reception, providing a picturesque setting for your intimate celebration.
  • Drakewood Farm: Known for their comprehensive micro wedding packages, Drakewood Farm takes care of all the details, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.
  • Aertson Hotel: Offering a rooftop package, this venue allows you to exchange vows with a stunning view of the Nashville skyline.
  • Elope in Tennessee: Specializing in intimate weddings, this company will help book your perfect venue from a variety of venue partners and offers southern hospitality for your special day.

Incorporating Local Nashville Elements

Make your micro wedding truly Nashvillian by incorporating local elements. Consider hiring local musicians to serenade your guests or serve up local delicacies like hot chicken or Tennessee barbeque for a unique culinary experience. Additionally, consider locally brewed craft beers or local distilleries for bespoke cocktails.

Planning and Coordination

Several Nashville vendors offer all-inclusive micro wedding packages, including planning, design, production, and coordination. Companies like Weddings & Events by Raina and Vision in White Events provide comprehensive services to ensure your day runs smoothly. Remove the stress of coordinating multiple vendors and choose a planner to help with all the little details!

Planning a micro wedding in Nashville allows you to focus on the joy of your special day while enjoying the unique charm of Music City. With its diverse range of venues, local offerings, and dedicated wedding professionals, Nashville provides an ideal setting for your intimate celebration. Embrace the opportunity to create a personal, meaningful, and unforgettable wedding experience in the heart of Tennessee.

Sources : Drakewood Farm, Aertson Hotel, Vision in White Events

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