Nashville Lifestyle Anniversary Photoshoot

A Lifestyle 1st Anniversary


May 15, 2017


These two spoil us. Seriously! They always take us to the coolest places for their sessions, are up for anything, have impeccable taste, and are just an absolute blast to be around! For those of you avid followers of our blog, I’m certain that you recognize these two as we have worked with them several times over the past 2 years. And who could forget their stunning W.O. Smith Music School wedding! We certainly can’t! Plus, Sheena is a Goodwill guru! She always scores the best deals and most phenomenal fashion pieces from her thrifty trips. Including their outfits for their anniversary session.

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After we took photos in these gorgeous outfits and throughout the homes’ living rooms Sheena & Anthony changed into some more casual attire to bake cupcakes together in what has to be my all time favorite kitchen! Modern, glamorous with stainless steal. Swoon! This is like my dream kitchen.

So, if you’re like us, you’re looking at this kitchen a lot like that emoji with the heart eyes. Yeah, you know the one. And thinking to yourself something along the line of ‘Girl, I love this session and I love that kitchen… but my kitchen definitely doesn’t look like it just popped off of a magazine spread! How can I have a fun lifestyle photoshoot like this?’ It’s ok, we totally understand! Want to know a secret? This isn’t Sheena & Anthony’s kitchen — or ours!! Sheena, being the clever woman that she is, discovered Avvay. This resource is super cool and the perfect way to find a styled home interior space for a lifestyle anniversary, engagement, or just for fun photoshoot!

Sheena is such a creative soul and always has the most fun ideas, we can’t wait for their second anniversary!


Lifestyle anniversary photos in home 1st anniversary, husband and wife cooking in kitchen 1 Year Wedding Anniversary Photos - Nashville, TN in luxury kitchen cooking together husband and wife photos 1 Year Wedding Anniversary Photos - Nashville, TN Baking in home with husband and wife 1 Year Wedding Anniversary Photos - Nashville, TN cutesy photo of couple plying with frosting 1 Year Wedding Anniversary Photos - Nashville, TN cooking in romantic kitchen 1 Year Wedding Anniversary Photos - Nashville, TN romantic photos in kitchen couple sitting on countertop joyful laughter filled night baking cupcakes in home nashville, tn

If you love their anniversary session, check out their Nashville wedding!

"Choosing Ivory Door Studio for my wedding was one of the best decisions I made. "

  1. Joanna Moss says:

    They are so cute.

  2. Kristi Rex says:

    They’re so cute together and I definitely love that kitchen!

  3. I LOVE that they did their anniversary session in their beautiful home! So perfect!

  4. Jesi says:

    Such a fun shoot! I love their home!

  5. They have the best style!!! What a fun session! Someday I want an in home anniversary session!

  6. I love your lighting on this, you nailed it!

  7. Jill says:

    How fun are these?! They are lovely together 🙂

  8. Kayla Grey says:

    These are beautiful! I can’t get over their time period like outfits at the beginning! Very lovely! Yes the kitchen is gorgeous too! Stunning work! These are too cute!

  9. Jessica says:

    This is such a fun shoot! I absolutely love the cooking shots – so casual and romantic!!

  10. Misty says:

    I love that they did these in their home! What a fun anniversary session! 🙂

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