Top 6 Questions to Ask Before Booking your Wedding Venue


November 7, 2019

Get the DL upfront so there are no surprises

This is it. You’ve found the absolute perfect place to say I do and you can’t wait to sign the contract and secure your date at this incredible space. But, before you do that, save yourself a possible headache and ask them a few more questions so you can move forward with more assurance.

Timing is Everything

Often times you will be told what time you must leave the property by; however, you may not have been told what time you can access the property. It is not uncommon to find out you can not arrive before 3PM, leaving you the new task of finding a place for hair & makeup. Additionally, we recommend checking if there are any spaces that you must completely vacate at any time during the day. For example, do you need to clean and remove all of your belongings from the getting ready space before the ceremony or reception begin?

Nashville Wedding at the cathedral of the incarnation

Your Grand Exit

So many couples have their hearts set up a sparkler exit at their reception only to find out after the fact that their venue doesn’t allow fireworks on the property. Ask for the details and restrictions on what you can use for your exit. You may be surprised to hear that bubbles, birdseed, confetti, flower petals and other favorite exits are restricted at your venue.

Nashville Wedding at the cathedral of the incarnation

Vendor Limitations

We absolutely love when venues share a list of preferred vendors with couples. It’s so helpful for you to have recommended vendors who are familiar with your venue and are professionals. But double check if these are preferred vendors or required vendors. Required vendors limit you to selecting only from the venues list. You will not be able to select any other company that you find online. You will have to use their caterer, their photographer, their planner, etc.

Beer or Booze?

Can’t wait for your signature cocktail?! Neither can we! Be sure to double check if your venue allows for hard alcohol or if you are limited to beer and wine only. Also ask what time last call will be!

Rain, Rain, go away…

While rain on your wedding day is good luck, you don’t want to be surprised by the venues rain plan on the day of and discover that in lieu of your gorgeous creekside ceremony that you had planned, you will now be saying your vows inside an unkept barn. Eek! Ask where your ceremony will be held in the event of rain and if there are any other things that could change if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

City Winery Nashville styled wedding with a Farm to Table design. Photography by Ivory Door Studio and planning by Weddings & Events by Raina

Event Insurance

In addition to your contract and invoice for the wedding venue, check to see if you will need to purchase additional event insurance from a private company.

Bonus Tip! Get it in Writing!

During your tours, emails and meetings you may have been promised things. Anything from ‘Yes, we will build you a donut wall for your reception’ to ‘You can arrive to get ready at 8 AM’. Our recommendation? Get it all in writing in your contract before signing with your wedding venue.

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