5 Unexpected Pieces of Wedding Photographer Gear

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November 19, 2019

Forget the camera tech, these will help get you through the wedding day

So often photography educators focus on all of the technical camera gear to use on a wedding day. And that is definitely important to know and understand. But then once you get out there on the day of a wedding, you begin to discover what you never realized would be really nice to have on a wedding day. We’ve compiled our very favorite unexpected pieces of wedding photographer gear & hope that it helps you as you begin your wedding photography career adventure!


If you are looking to submit for publication, editors thrive on detail photos. Bonus, these look gorgeous in your instagram feed! We have re-purposed these makeup intended cases for our team Styling Kits. Over the years we have filled each kit with a variety of carefully curated items. Here are a few staple pieces to begin your own styling kit! A ring box, stamps, ribbon, and styling blocks.

Pro Tip! Keep some dental wax in your kit. This is perfect to use for ring photos and getting the rings to stand in the directions that you are wanting them to.

Nashville Wedding at the cathedral of the incarnation


If you find yourself in light rain, you can use your lens hood to reduce the amount of water drops on your glass. However, what about the rest of your camera? While most cameras come with a waterproofed material coating the body, this is not intended for long term exposure. Be prepared and invest in something such as a Storm Jacket or Peak Jacket for your camera. These come in a variety of sizes for different lens lengths. We have selected a smaller one that will work perfectly for a majority of our prime lenses and a second jacket that covers a longer lens such as our 70-200. In a pinch you can use a plastic bag, but let’s be honest these other options are totally more sleek and professional looking for a wedding day.

Pro Tip! Don’t forget your clients! Have umbrellas on hand that you can use. It is a great service that they will appreciate. We keep about 10 in our trunk at all times. I like to have 3 or so unique cute ones just for the bride and groom and enough others that the wedding party can double up under each one. Here are a few of our favorites – Black Golf Umbrellas, White Golf Umbrellas. Cute ones for the couple include a Clear Bubble Umbrella, a Parasol, or a Lace Parasol,

Night photos of bride and groom under umbrella with twinkle lights around them


Unless you are like 6 ft + you have probably found yourself in a few scenarios where you really wish you were just a smidgen taller to get the shot you are wanting, or a more flattering angle for family photos. I’ve found the having a small collapsible step stool is the perfect solution!


Being a wedding photographer you need to wear something functional yet wedding appropriate. I simply can not get through a wedding day without pockets, which is why I love purchasing my dresses from eShatki because they customize everything. I can get pockets added to everything, and can change the cut, neckline, and even the sleeves! After you’ve gotten the dress, you’re going to want to find comfortable shoes. I like to find a pair of leather Coach or Calvin Klein flats or sneakers. Some of the most popular shoe options out there are Rothys or Tieks.

Fall Wedding at Tomlinson Family Farm in Lebanon, TN featuring champagne, navy and red color palatte


You found the cutest bag, and you’ve got your rocking styling kit… and now you are trying to lug all of this around with your light stands and find yourself exhausted before you even reach your first photo location. Do yourself, and more importantly, your back, a favor. Invest in a wagon to move all of your gear around, this is the one that we use.

"Choosing Ivory Door Studio for my wedding was one of the best decisions I made. "

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