A Summer Micro Wedding at Ravenswood Mansion


October 7, 2023

A Summer Micro Wedding at Ravenswood Mansion

In a world where grand celebrations are no longer the only option, Micro Weddings have emerged as an intimate and cherished alternative. Picture this: the historic Ravenswood Mansion in Tennessee, with its rich legacy, becomes the canvas for your scaled-down yet profoundly meaningful celebration.

Micro Weddings redefine the wedding experience. These are intentionally small gatherings, a departure from the elaborate affairs of the past. They embrace close-knit celebrations, focusing on meaningful connections and personal touches. And what better setting than the Ravenswood Mansion, which stands as a living testament to Tennessee’s history?

With roots dating back to the early 19th century, the Ravenswood Mansion has witnessed generations of love stories. Its stately architecture and lush gardens create an ambiance that whispers tales of eras gone by. The mansion’s historic significance elevates your Micro Wedding, infusing it with a timeless charm that modern venues can’t replicate.

3 Reasons to Elope in Nashville

But why elope to Nashville and choose Ravenswood Mansion for your Micro Wedding? Here are three compelling reasons:

  1. Historical Grandeur: Imagine exchanging vows in the same space that once hosted dignitaries and influential figures. The mansion’s unique aura sets the stage for an event that’s both intimate and historic.
  2. Scenic Splendor: The mansion’s meticulously landscaped gardens offer an exquisite backdrop for your special day. The blend of natural beauty and architectural elegance creates a captivating atmosphere.
  3. Personalized Experience: With a smaller guest list, you have the opportunity to create a truly personalized experience. Every detail, from decor to catering, can be tailored to reflect your story and style.

In a world where intimacy speaks volumes, a Micro Wedding at Ravenswood Mansion encapsulates the essence of love in its purest form. It’s a nod to history, a celebration of connection, and a promise of a future filled with shared moments.

Wedding Vendors
Elopement Planners – Elope in Tennessee
Officiant – Weddings & Events by Raina
Florist – Larson Floral Co
Hair & Makeup Artist – Primp This
Venue – Ravenswood Mansion

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