Top 10 Parent Gift Ideas for Your 2023 Wedding


October 3, 2023

Today we’re sharing our parent gifts ideas to give to them at your wedding rehearsal! This has a rich history rooted in gratitude and appreciation. Traditionally, these gifts were given to express heartfelt thanks to the parents for their love, support, and guidance throughout the couple’s lives. It is a way to honor and acknowledge the role they have played in shaping the individuals getting married and their union as a couple. Giving your parents a gift on your wedding rehearsal shows your deep appreciation and serves as a meaningful token of love and gratitude that they can cherish forever.

Awesome idea, right? But what should you give them?

Today we’re sharing our Top 10 Parent Gift Ideas of 2023 that are perfect for your Wedding!

Personalized Photo Album

Find photos from your childhood and special family memories. Compile them into an album. Either a scrapbook or take it digital and have it printed. Or get them a digital picture frame filled with the images and continue to add to it for years to come! The digital frame allows you to add video, you can even leave them a thank you for all they have done for you message.

Family Recipe Book

Compile cherished family recipes into a beautifully designed cookbook. Ask your relatives for their recipes so you can add those to it as well. Plus, this will make for a wonderful family heirloom for future generations!

Engraved Jewelry

This gift is classic for a reason. Gift your parents personalized necklaces, bracelets, or cufflinks with their initials or a special message. Parents love wearing these items and showing them off to their friends!

Etsy is the perfect spot to begin your search for the perfect piece of custom jewelry!

Commission a Painting

Commission a painting or artwork that represents a meaningful location or moment in your family’s history. Use a photo from a favorite family getaway location such as a lake house, cabin or beach.

Spa Day or Weekend Getaway

Weddings are a blast but they are also exhausting. Treat your parents to a relaxing spa day or a weekend getaway to show your appreciation for their support.

Subscription Box

Sign your parents up for a subscription box that aligns with their interests, whether it’s gourmet food, books, or gardening. Choose something that they can enjoy together or do 2 boxes. A different one for each of them to enjoy yearlong.

Monogrammed Robes or Blankets

If your parents prefer a relaxed night in, then this is a wonderful gift idea! Monogram cozy robes or blankets for your parents to use and remember your special day. You can even include your wedding date alongside their initials!

Memory Jar

Looking for something that won’t break the budget or something sentimental? Write down your favorite memories and place them in the jar for them. You can make this even better by recruiting other family and friends to also write down memories to add to the jar!

Donate to a Charity

Make a charitable donation to a cause that is close to your parents’ hearts in their name. If you know this would bring them immense joy, this is a great gift!

Customized Family Crest or Monogram

Research your family history and use your family crest or monogram. If you can’t find one, hire a designer to make a unique family crest or monogram. Or use the traditional and have the designer customize it for your family. Add your family names or includes elements that represent your heritage or things you love to do together. This can be framed as a decorative piece for their home or printed on a blanket!

We hope this helps inspire you when selecting your parent gifts for the wedding rehearsal. These thoughtful gifts will not only show your appreciation but also create lasting memories of your special day for your parents.

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Do you have more Parent Gift Ideas? Comment below, we’d love to hear them!

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